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On occasion, disputes arise on projects and in public works. In some cases, they can be resolved within relatively short periods of time through good relationships and objectively facilitated discussions. However, in cases that involve large sums of money with multiple influencing factors, disputes can become more complex and difficult to resolve.

The legal processes provide a formal route to resolve the more challenging cases, but it takes time and is expensive.  Under certain circumstances it is worthwhile to consider an alternative approach to resolve disputes outside the courtroom.

Ingwe Projects and Consulting has developed a process to facilitate dispute resolution between multiple parties by applying a ‘without prejudice’ methodology which can run in parallel to a legal process.

Ingwe leads the process by studying all facts of the dispute from the point of view of each party involved to get a holistic understanding of the aggravating issue. A facilitated work session is then conducted by Ingwe as the independent/objective participant. One of the critical requirements for this process to work, is for all parties to want to continue working together in future.

Compared to the normal legal process, Ingwe has achieved a 100% success rate at a fraction of the time and expense by applying this methodology. Should there be a case where this process is unsuccessful, due to the ‘without prejudice’ nature of the methodology, the legal process can continue without any negative impact. The positive outcome even in this scenario, is that a resolution can still be achieved quicker as all parties have had several discussions and hence, better understand each other’s point of view.