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Ingwe Projects and Consulting are specialists in commercial and residential solar turn-key designs, integrations and installations.

Energy efficient building design is integral in any modern building project. This is driven by the high rise in energy costs. The solar market has an ever-increasing number of poorly designed and executed solar projects being unsafe and failing to meet nameplate capacity. 


SOLAR TAX BENEFITS: Significant tax benefits that can be obtained by installing solar (up to 28% for companies). Refer to the South African Income Tax Act. Amendment (58 of 1996 and 2016), Section 12B and J. Enquire with your CFO and tax advisor.

Ingwe specialises in assisting owners with professional design and information to ensure optimal solar installations to meet each client’s specific needs. 

For solar decisions we assist future green energy owners with the following:

  1. Energy analysis of current and future energy demands
  2. Building design optimisation to maximise solar energy
  3. Optimal design to meet future energy needs
  4. Financial analysis, returns and selection between grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid energy solar systems
  5. Solar software simulation (HelioScope) to validate system output
  6. System integration between roof design, solar panel type, installation type, inverter, battery, smart metering, web interface and physical wiring
  7. Educating our clients about typical solar weaknesses, which are not communicated by many solar solution providers
  8. Competitive pricing



Ingwe has a strategic partnership with E-power, who have vast experience in solar and electrical design.

We ensure the tile’s specific installation requirements are fully met to ensure the guarantee will be honoured.