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Ingwe Projects and Consulting provides a full range of services to the mining industry covering small to large capital projects across all phases from Concept through to Execution and ‘Stay-in-Business projects.

Our offering also includes Consulting in the early project development stages, and we perform studies. Through good Project Engineering  and by following robust Project Management principles in a Process and multi-discipline engineering environment, we help our clients achieve the outcomes they aspire to.

Our experience range is vast and covers the following commodities:

  • Iron Ore,
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Coal
  • Gold and
  • Niobium


Ingwe helps clients in the infrastructure sector with the project development of projects from the conceptual phase to the end of feasibility phase to reach financial close. Markets include power, rail, water, marine, roads and housing. As infrastructure projects require vast capital investments, we strongly believe in very early stage strategic thinking and modelling. This iterative early stage techno-economic optimization can save millions later in the development process.

Our expertise includes:

  • Trade-off studies to identify the optimal solution.
  • Interfaces between infrastructure components
  • Investment special purpose vehicles including Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Infrastructure investment optimization by integrating regional infrastructure needs.
  • Phasing of infrastructure through dynamic modelling and simulations to minimize early capital expenditures and to maximize project returns.
  • Financial modelling of infrastructure projects.


Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to provide holistic solutions to serve all our client’s needs.

Ingwe mainly operates in 3 areas in the energy market:

  1. Transmission and distribution networks: Project development including financial viability studies and network modeling/design.
  2. Solar: We provide a turn-key Solar solution mainly in commercial and high end residential installations including financial studies, solar system selection (grid-connected, hybrid or off-grid), system design, installation and commissioning.
    • SAPVIA registered
    • Only use NRS 097 compliant and ‘tier 1’ equipment
    • Provide CPD Accredited Solar Training
  3. Hydro: Conceptual phase to Financial close.  Ingwe also leads the formulation of Public Private Partnership’s (PPP’s) for small to medium hydro stations, PPP management, hydro power station design and operation. We work closely with SOE’s, Municipalities and private investors.