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Ingwe Projects and Consulting provides Project Management services to clients either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a team assignment. Project success can only be achieved if the client’s culture, high level metrics, project objectives, standards and procedures are clearly understood and implemented.

We ensure all discipline leads working on a project understand the client’s business case, investment criteria and requirements for each phase of the project. These objectives can be very diverse, ranging from being project development driven with project financing as a key driver, to very specific engineering related objectives. We take the burden off the client to plan and coordinate multiple disciplines. Keeping in mind that Safety is always the number one metric and high priority for Ingwe, our clients and our suppliers.

Our staff has more than 30 years’ experience on projects ranging from small to large billion-dollar projects on all continents. Our Project Management services are provided in the Mining, Infrastructure and Energy sectors.

We have successfully delivered projects in complex environments by ensuring all the project management requirements between the client and the engineering teams are understood and met, including:

  • Scope of Work formulation
  • Procurement requirements
  • Schedule planning
  • Cashflow planning and execution
  • Engineering interface management
  • Formal Project Change management
  • Project support including Safety, Project controls, Environment, etc.
  • Progress tracking and reporting


We follow Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and client-based methodologies and standards. In case of development projects, we follow PMBOK ‘light’ as required by development best practice and methodologies. In these cases, we ensure proper interface management between project management, development rights issues, financial and investor analysis, investors, insurance and other financial close objectives.

Our staff have done International research on PhD level through Leeds University in the UK to understand the fundamental reasons for project cost and schedule overruns and have developed a framework to minimize the probability of occurring. The research included the formal qualitative interviewing of project managers collectively having 600 years of project experience.