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At Ingwe Energy we hold ourselves to a high professional standard and harbour a culture of engineering excellence, transparency, and honest communication with our clients.


Solar technology has advanced significantly to a design where one can move away from the clunky solar panels on top of existing roof tiles, to elegant looking solar systems where the solar tiles replace and integrate with normal roof tiles with the benefit of not having duplicate roof systems.

Ingwe can offer a wide range of tailored solar solutions by partnering with several solar tile suppliers, wrap around equipment suppliers and installers which enables us to design a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Our systems are highly functional, futuristic and aesthetically pleasing to look at, while enhancing the value of your property, instead of adding unsightly clutter.

Marley SolteQ Solution

In partnership with SolteQ and Marley, Ingwe provides a service whereby we take ownership of all solar tile installation wraparound electrical components, as well as Electrical Professional Engineer (Elec Pr Eng) sign-off on the entire solar system design, installation and compliance.

There are two tile integration options in this range:

  • Concrete tile roof – SolteQ PV solar tile with Marley’s Modern concrete tile.
  • Slate tile roof – SolteQ Infinity slate solar tile with Marley Alterna Fibre cement slate tile.

Below is a list of advantages you can enjoy when installing this unique solar solution:

    • Fully tile your roof with solar tiles, or
    • Integrate the relevant solar tile with either the normal Marley concrete or slate tiles where you have a part-solar, part-normal tile roof, depending on your power needs.
    • Elegantly integrated aesthetic with no panels or visible wiring.
    • Maximum and efficient use of any complex roof space in comparison to panels.
    • Better performance in shaded and shadow areas.
    • Supreme durability against extreme weather conditions, meeting the requirements of the Swiss Hail Protection Class 3 Standard.
    • Superior strength – Mechanical load of 8,500Pa (=850kg/m2).
    • Capable of withstanding wind load/tensile force of 50kg suction load per tile (slate tile).
    • Light and easy installation with no additional fastening.
    • Exceptional 40-year performance guarantee of 80% nominal power.
    • Increases the resell value of your property.
    • Initial onset cost can be recouped within 8 years, with further savings on electricity costs. (Subject to system solution and consumption requirements.)
    • Clean source of energy and all components are recyclable.
    • Conforms and in some cases, exceeds European standards.

If you are interested in this product, let Ingwe Projects and Consulting, as professional engineers and approved Marley and German Solteq installers, help you with your project.

Click here for more information on the application and visual effect of solar tiles.

Standard black solar tiles are local stock items, coloured tiles and designer shaped tiles are imported from Germany.

Residential house in Mossel Bay - SolteQ Infinity slate

Residential house in Mossel Bay - SolteQ Infinity slate

Marley modern combined with SolteQ solar

Marley modern combined with SolteQ solar

Business in Pretoria - Marley SolteQ during installation.

Business in Pretoria - Marley SolteQ during installation.

Residential house in Mossel Bay - Marley SolteQ Infinity installed with slate tiles.

Residential house in Mossel Bay - Marley SolteQ Infinity installed with slate tiles.

Coverland Solar PV Solutions

The Coverland pitch roof solar solutions go far beyond simply adding panels to a roof, not only in terms of the photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal modules themselves, but how they can integrate with the tiles, insulation and other components to deliver clean energy without compromising on aesthetics. There are two product options in the Coverland range:

Premium PV Panels

Compared to conventional PV systems, the Premium PV panels are characterized by the fact that it does not stand out from the roof. The modules are integrated into the roof instead of roof tiles, resulting in a perfectly straight, harmonious cover that meets the highest standards of design and aesthetics.

The product won a Red Dot Award for product design in 2013.


  • Enhances the aesthetics of the roof
  • Replaces regular roof tiles
  • Available for various tile profiles
  • Waterproof tested at BMI Coverland Technical Centre in Germany.



  • 10 years on nominal power
  • 12 years at 90% performance
  • 25 years at 80% performance

Technical Data

Power rating (Pnom)

Open Circuit Voltage (Uoc)

Maximum system Voltage


14.16 V

1000 V


Laminate Dimensions

Cell Technology



Mono Crystalline

Indax PV Panels

The PV Indax in-roof system is designed for the perfect integration of high-quality crystalline PV modules in roofs with all standard roof tiles.

The system assumes the protective function of the roof, offers an excellent appearance and also produces environmentally friendly solar power.


  • Universal application for all regular roof tiles
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Rain proof with rear ventilation
  • Visually and technically first-class roof integration



  • 12 years on nominal power
  • 10 years at 92% performance
  • 25 years at 83% performance

Technical Data


Minimal Roof Pitch

Maximum Roof Pitch



65 º

Demand per kW

Demand per m²

Weight per Piece

3.6 Pieces

0.58 Pieces



Ingwe Projects and Consulting in partnership with E-Power Technologies, assists with the design and supply of various systems and the wrap-around equipment needed to meet each client requirement, ranging from new basic systems, to complex and refurbished systems.

Below are a few systems, listing the equipment and components used on each to achieve the required outcome:

3kW UPS System with 4.8 kWh Lithium Battery Backup:

Versatile and compact portable 3kW UPS cabinet, wired to existing DB Board with plug sockets for direct use.

Cabinet consists of the following:

  • Victron MultiPlus II 48/3000 (3kW Inverter)
  • Victron Venus GX
  • 2 x Pylon Tech US 2000 Plus 2.54kWh Lithium Battery which gives 4.8kWh backup from the Lithium Battery Pack.
  • Full NRS 097-2-1 Certification and is acceptable by Municipality Standards.
Solar Equipment Cabinet Image

10.5kW Battery Backup System:

Power storage system requirements.

Below is the components required to meet the client’s needs:

  • 32 x Canadian Solar 330W Panels
  • 1 x Victron Quattro 10kW Inverter
  • 2 x Victron Smart Solar 250V / 100A MPPT chargers
  • 1 x Freedom WON 15/11 Lithium Battery (15kWh capacity / 11kW usable at 70% depth of discharge).

15kW 3 Phase PV System:

System consists of the following:

  • 3 x Victron MultiPlus 48/5000 (4000W) Inverters
  • 2 x Victron Smart/Solar MPPT 150/100 (48V – 100A)
  • BYD B-Box 12.8 (inc BMS)
  • Victron Colour Control GX
  • Victron Colour Control GX Wifi Module
  • Victron 3 Phase 65A Energy Meter
  • USB to RS485 Converter
  • 24 X Canadian Solar Double Glass Dymond Module 325Wp
  • Slate Mounting Structure
  • Double Thread Screw-Hanger Bolts M12
  • 40 x 40 Aluminium Profiles
  • End & Mid-Clamps for Glass Panels.

Refurbished 29 KWp Grid Tied System:

Ingwe/E-Power also refurbishes existing systems as was done at a beautiful beach guest house in the Wilderness garden route area who wanted to reduce their carbon footprint.  The guesthouse is now running green. The entire site was refurbished and redesigned by E-Power Technologies, a partner of Ingwe Projects and Consulting.

18 Canadian Solar Panels of 270W were added to the existing system to achieve a total of 29kWp.

Below is what was used to refurbish this system:

  • Solar Panels:
    • Canadian Solar 325W: 75 Panels = 24.375kWp
    • Canadian Solar 270W: 18 Panels = 4.860kWp
    • Total kWp achieved = 29.235kWp
  • Inverters:
    • Inverter 1: Huawei SUN2000 20KTL – 20kW
    • Inverter 2: Huawei SUN2000 8KTL – 8kW